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Book 1 did really cool stuff with the lighting. I liked how the light source bled into every shot, it really gave a sense of depth and atmosphere to the backgrounds. I know they didn’t keep that style since they wanted to branch away from the antique look after Book 1, but I really miss it sometimes.

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deggowaffles asked: So last weekend at Comikaze in LA, I spoke to some friendly people who know about Legend of Korra Book 3 & 4. Apparently it just keeps getting better and better, like, Book 3 is more "gritty" and emotional. They then followed up by sayiNG AN ANIMATOR CRIED SEVERAL EPISODES INTO BOOK 4 I AM SCARED FOR MY EMOTIONS.


oh my god wHAT THE FUCK NO


Book 4 Trailer LIVE FAN REACTION (Compilation Video) + Extras!

If you’re an AVATAR fan, you need to watch this! They’re your kind of people.

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IMAGINE. Just imagine Kai calling Jinora “sweetie” in that voice. Now try to imagine it without going into a cardiac arrest.

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